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Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing

DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol offers integrated technology licenses to global energy producers, agricultural companies, energy investors, plastics and chemical producers, and other leaders in the emerging "cellulosic economy." Our demonstrated farm-to-fuel integrated technology solution is enabled by DuPont Pioneer feedstock supply chain expertise and backed by DuPont scientists and engineers to provide operations, technical support, and ongoing technology development.

Key Elements of our Licensing Offering

Technology Package
A Process Technology Package (or commonly known as Basic Engineering Package), which includes all the necessary information to start a Detailed Engineering plant design phase, including performance guarantees

Proprietary Equipment
The delivery of certain equipment, in finished condition, to be provided for a plant

Technical Support
Consulting services to optimize the performance of the Plant and the use of Enzymes and Ethanologens. May also include consulting services to assist customers in the implementation of DuPont Process Improvements 

Biocatalyst Supply
The supply of enzymes and ethanologens for use in the production of cellulosic ethanol for a licensed plant

Feedstock Supply Consulting
Leveraging our experience from our facility in Nevada, Iowa, we can assist in the development of a feedstock supply chain, from understanding the feasibility of a feedstock in a specific area to the planning and execution phase of a supply chain.

As a global company with operations in over 100 countries around the world, DuPont has been successful with many different business models—working with customers where they want to build facilities, with the feedstocks they require—to create lasting partnerships that deliver mutual value.

Accellerase® Biomass Enzymes

Accellerase® biomass enzymes from DuPont are providing the crucial link that enables technology developers and farmers to become producers of cellulosic fuel, sugars and chemicals.